About Operations Department


The Department of Operations is headed by the Operations Director who is appointed by the Parish President with the approval of the Parish Council. The duties of the Operations Director include:


With a workforce of around 180  employees, the Department of Operations is the principal department in charge of the day-to-day operations and maintenance of the Parish’s infrastructures. This workforce of well-trained men and women insure a smooth and safe operation of the Parish’s many facilities and services.

Building Maintenance Division

The general maintenance and repair of the Parish’s public buildings are provided for under the Building Maintenance division. This includes maintenance and upkeep of all parish-owned properties and buildings. 

Drainage Division

Originally set up to maintain the street and lateral canal drainage systems, this division has taken on some major drainage projects in recent years. The hazard mitigation program funded under the Louisiana Office of Emergency Preparedness and FEMA has provided, through grant awards, funds for major drainage improvements throughout the Parish. Some of these projects included drainage culvert replacement and/or enhancement and canal cleaning and grubbing as well as maintenance dredging.

Fleet Management Division

Established in 2020 to routinely provide preventative maintenance on the millions of dollars of parish-owned equipment including cars, trucks, and heavy operating equipment. A software system, Fleet Management Pro, was implemented to track all services, keep detailed records of maintenance and ultimately save taxpayer dollars in repairs. 

Road & Bridge Maintenance

Roads and Bridges is the largest division within the Department of Operations and has a budget which includes funds for road construction costs, street maintenance, and heavy equipment. With the responsibility of over 350 public streets and 80 miles of hard surfaced roadways to maintain, an organized and well-supported workforce has been developed. 

Additionally, the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development contracts with the Parish for the continuation of grass cutting and general cleanup along 71 miles of state highways.

Emergency Services

During emergencies and natural disasters, emphasis moves from maintenance to emergency measures directed to saving lives and property. With an impressive fleet of vehicles and light and heavy equipment of over 140 pieces, the Department of Operations stands ready to meet the many challenges and ever changing incidents that face this Parish each and every day. The Department of Operations’ motto is "Together we can do it better than anyone else."