Drainage Division

Drainage Projects

Originally set up to maintain the street and lateral canal drainage systems, this division has taken on some major drainage projects in recent years. The hazard mitigation program funded under the Louisiana Office of Emergency Preparedness and FEMA has provided, through grant awards, funds for major drainage improvements throughout the Parish. Some of these projects included drainage culvert replacement and/or enhancement and canal cleaning and grubbing as well as maintenance dredging. 

The Parish annually budgets $100,000 for localized drainage projects and culvert replacement and upgrades. With a recent tax renewal, the Parish is now focusing on several major drainage projects, which include the re-dredging of 40 miles of the major drainage canals. 


This division supports a workforce of 23 equipment operators and utilizes 2 large excavators, a marsh buggy dragline, a gradall, and 2 culvert cleaners to maintain existing drainage canals and ditches.