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sunriseWhile we make every effort to ensure the Geographic Information System data located below is current, we cannot guarantee its accuracy. Technical issues such as Internet congestion, spyware/viruses on your computer and data corruption during transmission can affect your results.
In the event of discrepancies between the information on this page and the official data, the St. James Parish Office of Geographic Information Services internal data will prevail.
Though we try our best to keep content current, St. James Parish Government shall not be held responsible for database and shapefiles obtained from this page.
These Shapefiles are available for download for free from this website.

The following Shapefiles of St. James Parish are available for free download below. In order to view these Shapefiles you must have the program, ArcExplorer, installed on your personal computer. Download ArcExplorer free from ESRI after creating an account. Please click on the image below or link above to be redirected to ESRI, and choose the installation that is best suited for you and your computer. Instructions and help with ArcExplorer can be found here.

2010 Enterprise Zones and Block Groups View Map 
23rd Judicial Districts MapView File  
Community MapView File  
Council Districts Map View Map 
Districts MapView File  
FEMA Flood Zone MapView File  
FEMA Panels View Map 
Fire Districts MapView File  
Flood Model MapView File  
Gramercy Voting DistrictView File  
Hydrology MapView File  
Justice of the Peace District MapView File  
Lutcher Voting DistrictView File  
Polling Places MapView File  
Precinct MapView File  
School Districts MapView File  
Street MapView File  
Street Maps Index View Map 
Address - Municipal AddressView File  
BorderView File  
Buildings - Building Footprints | .shp fileView File  
Cities - Lutcher and Gramercy City Limits | .shp fileView File  
Clines - StreetView File  
Districts - Parish Council Voting Districts | .shp fileView File  
FEMA - FEMA Flood Zones | .shp fileView File  
HydrantsView File  
Hydroclines - Parish HydrologyView File  
Parcel Owner - Assessor's Office ParcelView File  
Places | .shp fileView File  
PLSS - Public Land Survey Map | .shp fileView File  
Precincts - Parish Council Voting Precincts | .shp fileView File  
Railroad | .shp fileView File  
Wards | .shp fileView File  
Waterlines | .shp fileView File  
Zip Codes | .shp fileView File  



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