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Request for Tree Limb Pick-Up

  1. Use this form to request curbside tree limb pick-up. Please fill out and submit this form, in its entirety, for curbside tree limb pick-up. Provide exact location of the tree limbs to be picked up (i.e. on side street). St. James Parish will assist residents in picking up tree limbs placed at curbside on Highways and Parish streets. The Parish equipment cannot go on private property, or private roads. The equipment can handle tree limbs cut in 5 feet to 7 feet sections only. No tree stumps, trunks, or roots can be picked up. It takes five to 10 working days from the time a request is received, to pick up limbs. Call the Operations Department for additional information, 225-562-2444. *A work order must be written by the Parish before any work can begin.*

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