• Gardens at Laura Plantation

  • Legacy Suites breaks ground in St. James Parish
  • Representing St. James Parish at the NACo Conference held in New Orleans
  • Enjoy the new additions to Paulina Park!
    Posted 9/12/2014
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    Posted 8/12/2014
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    9/23/2014Ask-A-Financial Advisor Event
    Ask a Financial Advisor Event at the Vacherie Library Today! READ MORE »
      What truly makes this parish remarkable is the richness of history, culture, and people.
      Close knit families and a strong work ethic are what set St. James apart from other parishes.
      If you want to take a step away from your busy life and enjoy the wonders of St James Parish.
    St. James is a vibrant and growing parish.  Come see what we have to offer for your business!

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    St. James Parish...where community, business, industry, 
    and agriculture grow, work, live and prosper together. 
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