Recreation Master Plan

St. James Parish has requested assistance in preparing a recreational master plan for both the east and west banks of the Mississippi River of the Parish.  We understand the challenges of a Parish divided by the Mississippi River and how such a divide affect people's propensity to access community-wide facilities.  We also understand the changing trends in recreational facilities, useful life expectancies of recreational facilities and community use patterns.  Our proposal for the recreation master plan will capitalize on the existing recreational facilities and community stakeholder input.

Company staff until utilize the background research as well as the input from public meetings and interviews to develop a Parks Master Plan.  The plan will include:

  • Inventory of existing facilities
  • Recreational needs assessment (included interview of recreational facility users at sporting and other events)
  • Demand and use of exisiting facilities
  • Open space goals and objectives
  • Open space policies 
  • Standards for parks, trails, recreational fields, etc., including adult, youth, and ADA compliance
  • Financing options
  • Summary of public participation process
  • Maps
  • Other items as required per findings in Task 1 or directed by Steering Committee per agreement of Company and St. james Parish